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Hiring the Callahan & Robinson Law firm will help you fight your ticket and save you money in fines and insurance.

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Did you receive a New York speeding ticket, cell-phone ticket, or other New York traffic ticket? If so, you should be aware that being convicted of a driving-related offense can lead to:

  • Points on your NYS driver’s license
  • Significant fines & surcharges
  • Suspension of driving privilege
  • Jail in certain circumstances

The good news is that you have a right to effective legal representation!

The Callahan & Robinson law firm has extensive experience in handing all types of NY State driving-related offenses. We can help you plan and fight your New York traffic ticket in court. By hiring a skilled, competent and knowledgable traffic ticket lawyer, we can help you avoid the hassle of showing up in traffic court and missing work or other important events.

Wether you got your New York traffic ticket in Manhattan or Buffalo, our experienced lawyers can handle your case and reduce the possibility of points from your license, your insurance premiums, or the possibility of a suspended license.

Why you should hire a lawyer

Driving is a necessary element of many people’s livelihoods and an important aspect of personal freedom. Without it we have no ability to go to work, see family or friends.

The Callahan and Robinson law firm has attorneys with years of legal experience. We are here to help you fight your New York Traffic Ticket problems.

During our phone consultation, we go through all the options available to you, giving you the best advice and answers in order for you to make the best decision on how to proceed with fighting your New York traffic ticket. In many cases, we can reduce the violation down to a lesser charge, or possibly have the charges dismissed all together.

Areas of Expertise


Cell Phone & Texting

Commercial Drivers License – Truck & Taxi

Disobey Traffic Control Device

Driving Without/Suspended License


Failing to Yield & Failing to Yield to a Pedestrian

Improper Turn / Failure to Signal

Operating Without Insurance

Reckless Driving

Unsafe Lane Change
and more…


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