How TLC & DMV Traffic Tickets Can Effect Your License

tlc-imgIt is a common occurrence for taxi, limousine and black car drivers in NYC to be summoned to a Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) hearing in response to a traffic ticket or a complaint from a passenger.
When this happens, many drivers try to defend themselves in court, but ultimately end up losing the case and paying heavy fines on top of missing work.

TLC Violations

Drivers with TLC licenses (taxi and limousine drivers) in New York have to adhere to stricter traffic laws than normal drivers. If you are convicted, you may receive penalties such as heavy fines, possible suspension/revocation of your TLC license and more.  If you lose your TLC license, that may put your livelihood in jeopardy.
TLC drivers can be convicted of standard license violations, such as Speeding and DUI, as well as be held accountable for some other traffic offenses including:
  • Invalid License
  • In complete TLC Training
  • Refusing passengers based on age, sex, gender or ability
  • Refusal to assist a disabled passenger
  • Letting another person use  your TLC license
  • Using a portable/hands-free device while operating taxi
  • Soliciting passenger
  • Tampering with Taxi metering, lights.
  • TLC tickets written by police
  • DUI & DWI

TLC Penalties

Being convicted of TLC violations can result in heavy fines, suspension of your license as well as mandatory driver training in addition to any other fees associated with the ticket. Also, taxi and limousine violations can add points to your taxi license
Below are some taxi violations and the points associated with it:
  • Permitting unlicensed driver to operate taxi: 5 points
  • Driving Recklessly: 4 points
  • Driving an unlicensed vehicle: 3 points
  • Using portable,hand-free device while driving: 3 points (1st or 2nd offense), 4 points (3rd offense) in a 15 month period
  • Soliciting passengers: 1 point

Did you get a traffic ticket while driving a taxi or limousine?

If you are a TLC driver who has been giving a ticket for a traffic violation, or are worried about the number of points on your license, the Callahan and Robinson Law Firm can help you. Our firm offers a cost effective legal solution to fight your TLC tickets.
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